Samantha Dittrich, MPHAssociate Director, Global Health SecurityMerrick & Company

Ms. Dittrich has over 17 years of domestic and international experience in global health security, public health, and
pharmacovigilance. With an extensive background in disease surveillance, epidemiology, laboratory systems, and
biosecurity, Ms. Dittrich has supported efforts to help strengthen countries’ capacity to detect, respond to, and
mitigate public health threats. She has worked with government and non-government entities in Africa, Central Asia,
Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, and Southeast Asia, including ministries of health and
agriculture, bilateral and multilateral organizations, the public and private sectors, and civil society. Ms. Dittrich has
been part of various projects for clients and global health security partners, along with leading multidisciplinary
programs focused on strengthening biosurveillance, biosafety, and biosecurity capacities in low- and middle-income
countries. Ms. Dittrich also has experience in clinical research, specifically drug safety and regulatory reporting for
large global clinical trials and post-marketing programs. Ms. Dittrich is the Associate Director for Global Health
Security at Merrick & Company, directing and managing multi-faceted projects focusing on biothreats and
biosecurity. She earned a Master of Public Health in Prevention Science from Emory University, a Bachelor of
Science in Nursing from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Virginia.
Ms. Dittrich also serves as an Observer on the Board of Directors for the International Federation of Biosafety
Associations (IFBA) and was the former Chair of the Global Health Security Agenda Consortium (GHSAC).

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