Omara Ronnic Rogers, Member (Meetings Secretary))

Rogers is a dynamic and driven young scientist with a well-developed and responsible approach to every task and challenge he encounters. A recent graduate in Biomedical Laboratory Technology from Makerere University, he is now eagerly pursuing a fulfilling role within the realms of research and clinical laboratory environments. His ambition is to contribute significantly to these fields by harnessing the power of synthetic biology and biotechnology. Rogers’ dedication to scientific pursuits extends beyond his academic achievements. He has actively engaged with SynBio Africa, where he volunteered as the Secretary for their weekly organizational meetings, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field of synthetic biology in Africa. Furthermore, Rogers’s collaborative spirit and passion for innovation were evident when he served as a vital team member of the Makerere University iGem team 2022. In this role, he participated in the prestigious Grand Jamboree in 2022, demonstrating his ability to work effectively within a team and his enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of biological research

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