Dr. Venkata Vamsi Yallapragada , PhD, Researcher, Munster Technological University

Dr. Venkata Vamsi B Yallapragada is an interdisciplinary researcher with academic background in synthetic biology, biophotonics and hardware for biomedical applications. He has special interests in bridging the gap between technology and life sciences. In 2015, he received a national award from Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) for his invention of a DNA based cryptographic pen. This milestone shaped his career in interdisciplinary science. He received his Master’s degree and Ph.D. from University College Cork. During his Ph.D., he gained expertise in computationally designing and modeling proteins with special optical imaging properties for targeted therapeutic and diagnostic applications. He has experience in working with teams specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning, virtual reality (VR), photonics and hardware. He enjoys exploring ideas focusing on technology deployment into life science applications.

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