Denis Naughten – Chairperson of the Inter-Parliamentary Union WorkingGroup on Science and Technology and Member of Parliament in Ireland.

Denis Naughten TD has been a directly elected MP in Ireland for nearly three decades and is
also currently Chairperson of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Working Group on Science and
Technology, where he has spearheaded the drafting of a Charter on the Ethics of Science
and Technology, a framework to guide decision-making and to ensure that science and
technology are used for the wellbeing of humanity and for environmental protection.
He passionately believes in evidence-based decision making and that more robust structures
and relationships must be developed between the scientific community and MPs. One of
the primary objectives of both professions is to solve problems for the benefit of humanity
and Denis is working to build the bridges needed to facilitate the engagement needed for
this to happen.
Over his career, Denis has served as an Irish Cabinet Minister, responsible for Energy,
Climate, Communications, Environment and Natural Resources, in addition to three
separate Councils of the European Union Ministers.
He has gained immense experience as; opposition spokesperson (shadow minister) across
four separate portfolios, chair of two parliamentary committees, and a member of nine
separate parliamentary committees.
This experience, along with his passion for evidence-based policy making, and a background
in science, has made his contributions on the science / policy interface, stimulating and

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