Biosensor development

In 2018, Synbio Africa team participated in the Biomaker Challenge sponsored by Open Plant Fund to develop a biosensor device that can detect the presence of Brucella abortus antibodies in milk.

The project aims to develop a point of care device using Arduino system, for rapid and increased detection of Brucella abortus in milk. The device will be a small, hand-held device, easy to operate and interpret.

Brucellosis is a disease affecting majorly farm animals such as goats and cattle and is also a zoonotic disease of humans especially where the population has a nomadic heritage of taking fresh milk from goats and cattle. It is currently prevalent in Ugandan cattle causing economic loss to the community due to loss in animal industry and due to lack of a rapid test kit for early diagnosis and management of this disease. Early diagnosis is essential in the timely treatment of the disease.

Expected outcomes and benefits of the project.

  • Reduced cases of brucellosis in animals due to early detection and management.
  • Improved economy of Uganda through improved animal industry.
  • Increased revenues through the sale of devices.
  • Affordable rapid test available.

For more detailed information about the project, follow the link below.

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