About the Founder

Otim Geoffrey, MSc.
Founder and CEO of SynBio Africa.

Otim Geoffrey is a Molecular biologist with a strong passion for synthetic biology which he developed after attending his first synthetic biology conference (SB.7) in Singapore as a Biosecurity fellow,sponsored by Johns Hopkins center for Health security. There, he met, interacted, and created network with many thought leaders and pioneers of synthetic biology who have continued to play a bigger role in mentoring and supporting his synbio initiatives. He founded IGEM Makerere University team in 2018, the first IGEM team from East Africa to participate and represent at the IGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston. He later Founded Synbio Africa as an After IGEM initiative to promote and spread the gospel of synthetic biology across Africa.

Since 2017, Otim Geoffrey has been very active in synthetic biology arena, he received; Biosecurity Fellowship from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to attend the Global synthetic biology conference organized by SynbioBeta in 2018, in San Francisco, US; PGRIP Scholarship to attend and present at the UN Convention on Biodiversity in Egypt, 2018; Global community biosummit Fellowship to attend and present at the Global community biosummit at MIT Media Lab, Boston, MA in 2019; and Global South Biosecurity Diplomacy Fellowship to attend and present at the Global South Biosecurity conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019.

Otim Geoffrey studied MSc in molecular biology and Biotechnology from Makerere University, Uganda; Bachelor’s in medical laboratory science from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda; Advanced Diploma in Health Management and Leadership; and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. To diversify his knowledge base and build his international relations capability, he also studied Master of International Affairs and Diplomacy offered by United Nations Institute for Training and Research in collaboration with University of Catalunya, Spain.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoffrey-otim-1aa1a131/


Our History

SynBio Africa was founded as an After iGEM initiative in early 2018, originally as SynBio Uganda. This is the very first synthetic biology platform in Africa that brings together scientists, researchers, policy makers, academicians, students, and the wider community to discuss and embrace the benefits of synthetic biology to the development of Africa’s bioeconomy, solve health problems and improve on agricultural products for a better food security. This platform is aimed at enabling synthetic biology propagation throughout Africa, along with all its potential benefits.

SynBio Africa is legally Registered with the Uganda Registration services Bureau, URSB Reg. No. 80020001237039.

Key Events.

  • May 2020: iGEM Makerere University Team participated in in the After iGEM Entrepreneurship program
  • October 2019: Founder awarded the Global community Bio Fellowship to participate and present at the Global community Biosummit at MIT Media Lab, Boston, US.
  • August 2019: Founder awarded the Global South Biosecurity Diplomacy Fellowship to attend and present at the Global South Biosecurity Diplomacy workshop in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • October 2018: Founder awarded Biosecurity Fellowship by Johns Hopkins center for Health security to attend the SynBioBeta conference in San Francisco, California, US.
  • October 2018: SynBio Africa participated in Biomaker challenge, a University of Cambridge initiative led by Jim Haselof.
  • October 2018: iGEM Makerere University team participated and represented at the iGEM Jamboree in Boston, US.
  • September 2018: SynBio Africa Registered as a limited company by shares with the Uganda Registration service Bureau, URSB Reg. No: 80020001237039.
  • March 2018: SynBio Africa was founded and hosted at Makerere University, College of Veterinary, Animal Resources and Biosecurity.