Sustainable biosynthetic technologies for Africa

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Synbio Africa is a forum for researchers, students, citizen scientists, policy makers and the public at large to convene and develop successful pathways for the propagation of synthetic biology technologies, products
and services throughout Africa.

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Vision | Mission


A Center of excellence in synthetic biology research, education, and biosecurity in Africa.


To be the leading SYNBIO innovators for sustainable solutions to great challenges in health, agriculture and environment in Africa.


Why Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology promises to provide sustainable, low-cost, breakthrough technologies to many grand challenges of the modern society via innovations in agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, and environmental conservation, crop improvement, microbial bio production.

Core Values

Innovation and excellence

Innovation is deep rooted in us. We dream and act


We are real, honest and truthful. We do the right things because it is the right thing to do.


Together, we achieve more. We leverage on synergies created through our collaborations.


Ethics is our priority. We have deep respect for human beings.


We deliver the best to our clients while holding ourselves responsible for all the results.

Focus on impact

Creating impact is reason for our existence. With our contribution, we envision a better world for all.